Peregrine Air Conditioning

Wool Brokers Building

This job was completed inside a heritage listed building which presented some challenges, along with the physical layout of the home. The client had already had multiple assessments and quotes, and none of them solved her problem adequately in the right budget. Ducted air conditioning was on the wish list, but unfortunately there was not enough roof space and it would have impacted upon the heritage status of the building.
The client had been making do with 5 hung split system units throughout the rooms in the house, and none of them had been working for some time. Rather than replace the hung systems with the same solution, we installed a VRF – variable refrigerant flow – unit. The solution was simple: one outdoor unit that flowed through to 4 indoor units through one main set of pipes. To get the job done parts of the ceiling needed to be removed and we used a lifter to move the units while we laid floor protectors throughout to take care of the heritage flooring.
The result was an efficient air conditioning system with indoor units installed in a stylish and tidy way – we had one incredibly happy client!

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