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It is recommended to clean the filter of your air conditioning system every 3 months. This can be done be removing the filter and giving it a light vacuum or hose off. Smaller filters like those from a split can usually be done in the laundry sink with warm water.

An air conditioning system should have a general service carried out by a licenced technician every 12months in a residential environment and more often in a commercial setting.

An air conditioning system is a closed circuit unit and the gas is simply a medium for transferring heat and ideally should never need re-gassing. If your system is under performing due to being short of gas it means that the gas is escaping somewhere and simply re-gassing is not the answer as it will just escape again. It is also illegal for technicians to re-gas a system where there is a leak present.

In short no. A wall hung split is designed as a room air conditioner. If you want to condition the whole house properly you should look at other solutions such as ducted or multi head units.

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